The intelligent software of MillMaster TOP monitors the yarn quality - online and in real-time. The data of all connected machines and winding units are combined and shown in value-added reports. The quality processes are managed comfortably and with a variety of control and optimization functions, decisions are made on a sound basis.

Real-time data monitoring for winding

  • Production planning
  • Trend analysis
  • Mobility

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Large modern spinning mills have an extremely high output and can produce thousands of kilometres of yarn every minute. Quality becomes more and more important in modern textiles in knitted or in woven fabrics. Therefore quality of the yarn as a basic material for the subsequent production steps has to be managed. 

Importance of an Overall Quality Management 

Yarn clearers, which are integrated in the winding machines, are the main tools to guarantee the high quality of the produced yarn. Increasing requirements to yarn clearing during winding result in an ever-rising amount of information, which has to be handled in order to take the right decisions. As a final goal of all measures the production should reach the highest possible efficiency, while the quality of the yarn is consistently high. To reach this goal all processes in quality assurance have to be managed minutely. 
Collecting information in real-time from winding machines with up to 7,200 spindles produce a large amount of important data. These crucial information about the production process needs to be analysed with a smart data management cockpit, which converts the data into significant reports. These reports are the basis on which decisions are taken to optimize the whole production process.

Data Management Cockpit Leverages Decisions

The data management cockpit MillMaster TOP from Loepfe delivers a complete overview over the whole production. All yarn faults detected and eliminated by the yarn clearers are recorded and can be utilized to manage the overall production. Trend reports compare the output of different machines over time and help to analyse and improve the quality of the produced yarn. The data management cockpit also has functionalities, which enable production planning and scheduling for all winding machines.

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