MillMaster® TOP

Real-time data management in winding

Loepfe’s data management system provides a precise overview of the yarn spinning quality processes. The comprehensive reports allow for conclusions to be drawn regarding the entire yarn production process including raw material, preparation and spinning. The error sources can thus be located and quickly resolved. These targeted actions lead to optimized production, prevent costly maintenance and guarantee a consistent yarn quality.

MillMaster® TOP
  • Detailed overview of the quality processes

  • Locating and resolving error sources

  • Optimized yarn production

293 Huasheng image Mr Zhang and Wang Zhiheng working in the mill

With MillMaster TOP monitoring system we always have reliable production and comprehensive quality data on 100% of our yarns available.

Mr. Zhang Yu Meng - Vice General Manager and General Manager for Production, Xuzhou Huasheng Textile Co. Ltd, China

MillMaster TOP's unique advantages

MillMaster® TOP monitors YarnMaster® PRISMA and ZENIT+ yarn clearer data online and in real-time. The data of all connected machines and winding units are combined and shown in value-added reports for fully optimized yarn production.

  • Informative and graphical reports for: Lots, shifts and intermediate shifts, spindles, groups, yarn counts, articles/ lots, articles/shifts
  • Trend analyses compare the output of different machines over time and ensure a continuous improvement of performance and quality
  • Planning boards help achieve maximum efficiency with lot planning and winding machine scheduling
  • Clearer assistant shows the influence of different settings with a precise cut forecast
  • OffLimit reports display the worst performing spindles

Start with a fully optimized yarn production

Stay informed about the whole quality process, see trends and plan accordingly

Discover how to benefit

Functional range

  • Data available on 8 workplaces
  • Connection of 7200 winding position
  • Automatic machine recognition
  • Compatible with different YarnMaster winding clearer generations
  • History of setting and group changes
  • Article and clearer settings management
  • Shift calendar
  • Report configurator
  • Lab report
MillMaster® TOP Brochure
MILLMASTER TOP in winding hall

Choose the optimum yarn clearer for your yarns


Cotton yarn manufacturers demand the utmost level of contamination control and efficient yarn clearing to reach exceptional quality and maximize profitability.

Best yarn clearers for cotton

Core yarn

Reliable detection of off-center and missing cores is key for core yarn manufacturers' success. So they rely on a system with tailored core yarn functions.

Best yarn clearers for core yarn

Conductive materials

Manufacturers of conductive materials rely on precise optical measurements to ensure seamless operation of their production.

Best yarn clearers for conductive materials


Manufacturers of mélange and colored yarns depend on the secure detection of even the smallest shade variations and color deviations of the yarns.

Best yarn clearers for colored yarns


Synthetic yarn manufacturers rely on the secure detection of process-related yarn faults, hairiness and imperfections fully independent of humidity.

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Manufacturers of blended yarns face a variety of challenges and rely on proven solutions for successful production.

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YarnMaster® PRISMA

Yarn quality control for winding

  • Best contamination control
  • Most efficient basic yarn clearing
  • Effortless operation
Rec ZENIT 02

YarnMaster® ZENIT+

Proficient yarn clearing

  • Unique optical measurement
  • Proven foreign matter detection
  • Rare price/performance ratio