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Customer Satisfaction

1. Your contact details?
2. How did you find out about Loepfe?
3. For how long are you in business with Loepfe?
4. What Loepfe product(s) do you use today?
7. How satisfied are you?
With Loepfe sales services? 
With Loepfe technical services? 
Specifically, with Loepfe’s response times? 
With Loepfe’s local sales representative (agent)? 
With Loepfe’s local service & repair representative (service partner)? 
With the Loepfe products? 
Specifically, with Loepfe’s innovation? 
Overall with Loepfe? 
8. Who are your partners for sales and services?
11. Would you recommend Loepfe to a colleague or business partner? 
13. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible!