WeftMaster® CUT-iT

Fabric separation

WeftMaster CUT-iT is the ideal fabric cutter system for thermal cutting from thin and light to dense and heavy synthetic fabrics. It increases the quality of the cutting and reduces style change times.

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  • Constant high quality selvedges and no fraying of the fabric

    Application example: Airbag fabrics

  • Faster article changes

    Application example: Sailcloth

  • Perfect result for light to heavy synthetic fabrics

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The hot wire cutters prevent unwanted problems in our thermal-mechanical finishing process during further processing. The CUT-iT system gives the selvedge more stability, which means we produce significantly less second choice.

Werner Kaufmann - Electrician at Rohleder HITEX® Manufactory, Germany

CUT-iT's unique advantages

All over the world, producers of high-end and technical fabrics take no risk and specify CUT-iT to guarantee a top quality and uniform selvedge. Making use of CUT-iT during the fabric production process ensures a quick return on investment for safety-critical products like airbags, tarpaulins or sailcloth.

This recently developed product of Loepfe is highly demanded in cleantech, medtech, geotextiles, automotive and many more high-tech areas.

A top quality and uniform selvedge is highly valued especialy if the yield in post processing is dependent on it.

The CUT-iT control unit offers precisely controllable settings and saves them as a style for later use. This makes style and article changes fast and easy.

A single control unit handles multiple cutters, allowing separating fabrics into multiple webs.

Simple reach higher quality and faster article change

The tutorial will show you the unbelievably easy way to perfectly cut woven fabrics.

Discover how to benefit
Client Server 4 EN

Client-server mode opens wide range application on tape weaving machines

The WeftMaster CUT-iT control unit can operate in Client-Server mode with a maximum of 32 client units. When changing the setting on the server unit, the settings on all client units change simultaneously. This new functionality allows operating over 100 cutters in parallel.

WeftMaster® CUT-iT Brochure