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Ibrahim Fibres Limited Pakistan (IFL) has started a trial with the YarnMaster® PRISMA system to see if it can overcome the current challenges and solve an important task. Mr. Zafar Iqbal, General Manager of IFL, is entrusted with the responsible mission of increasing the yarn quality currently produced, especially regarding the remaining foreign matter in the yarn. The condition applies that the machine efficiency must be maintained or improved. Loepfe gladly tackles this task with its clever yarn-clearing system PRISMA.

The goal of the company is to always meet the dynamic needs of customers and stay competitive through technological advancements, automation, and ensuring product quality. However, in the past, false cutting during the winding process resulted in production inefficiencies and increased waste. This not only impacted operational costs but also led to dissatisfaction among customers due to the compromised quality of the final product.

Contamination was another pressing challenge, with unwanted foreign particles affecting the integrity of the yarn. This issue not only jeopardized the quality of the product but also necessitated additional quality control measures, leading to increased production time and costs.

Advanced technology for efficient production

As the PRISMA trial has now been going on for over 30 months, Mr. Zafar Iqbal gives his first statement:

Mr Zafar Iqbal

Mr. Zafar Iqbal, General Manager

"In comparison to other solutions in IFL’s portfolio, PRISMA with latest software stands out due to its advanced technological features, efficiency, and seamless integration capabilities.”

PRISMA has measurably demonstrated that its unique F-sensor is capable of successfully and reliably eliminating the F-faults that previously remained in the yarn. The system shines with an above-average correct cut execution and the clever organic filtering method. These results allow the statement that the task set is fulfilled. Mr. Zafar Iqbal comments on this:

Loepfe's PRISMA, supported by cutting-edge technology and a dedicated service team, has proven to be a transformative solution for our yarn winding processes."
Mr. Zafar Iqbal General Manager

Ibrahim Fibres Limited

Ibrahim Fibres Limited (IFL) located in Faisalabad Pakistan, is a forward-thinking textile company that prioritizes Industry 4.0 principles and employs the latest technologies to ensure the production of high-quality textile products. Specializing in Polyester-cotton combed and Polyester-Viscose yarns with a count range of Ne. 6-60, suitable for both knitting and weaving. With a strategic presence in the industry, the company boasts an installed capacity of 240,192 spindles and a yarn production capacity of 78,400 tons per annum. IFL has established itself as a leading player by consistently delivering top-tier yarn to its customers.

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The Loepfe service team's exceptional responsiveness and availability have been consistently notable. Their regular on-site visits were demonstrating their dedication to serving clients effectively

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