Best yarn clearers for cotton yarn manufacturers

Cotton yarn manufacturers prioritize stringent contamination control and highly efficient basic yarn clearing to achieve impeccable quality and enhance profitability. To achieve these goals, Loepfe recommends the utilization of the YarnMaster® PRISMA DMF or PRISMA DMFP. These yarn clearers offer everything cotton yarn manufacturers need for profitable production. A clever yarn cleaning system that ensures winding machine efficiency and yarn quality.

Essential for successful cotton yarn manufacturing

Best contamination control

Most efficient basic yarn clearing

Precise off-standard alarms

Reliable yarn count control

Secure polypropylene detection

Effortless operation

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YM PRISMA sensor DMF 02

YarnMaster® PRISMA DMF

YM PRISMA sensor DMFP 02


Best contamination control: PRISMA’s all-color foreign matter detection provides spinning mills with new possibilities in terms of quality, profitability and raw material utilization. The unique RGB technology achieves outstanding measuring accuracy. Previously undetectable disturbing contaminations can now be removed while the non-disturbing matter are correctly classified. Offering the most efficient foreign matter detection on the market, results in flawless yarn quality, increased profitability and improved raw material utilization.

Clever organic filtering: PRISMA increases efficiency with a holistic and unique approach. RGB technology enables color-oriented selection of organic material in cotton yarn, which does not necessarily have to be removed, as it does not cause disturbances in downstream process steps and is eliminated by other means. This contributes to a significant reduction in cuts while maintaining the yarn quality.

Most efficient basic yarn clearing: The unique simultaneous dual measurement is the most effective way to detect basic faults in yarn quality control. Providing spinning mills with the best yarn quality while reducing waste, splice cycles and energy consumption. PRISMA's optical infrared (D-sensor) and mass (M-sensor) sensors work in harmony, combining the two outputs into one signal. This ensures the most accurate fault detection and the most precise cut execution on the market.

Precise off-standard alarms & yarn count control: The PRISMA Software offers reliable and accurate detection of off standard bobbins through two Textile Alarms: OffStandard bobbin and Bobbin startup alarm. The Textile Alarm OffStandard bobbin detects yarn that falls below a predefined quality level during the winding process and promptly alerts the winding machine for a quick resolution. The Bobbin startup alarm is ideal for spinning mills aiming to enhance profitability by detecting bobbins with incorrect count and optionally color within the first 11 to 20m of winding, providing the fastest detection of faulty bobbins available. This alarm reduces waste, improves production efficiency, and allows for better monitoring of material processes.

Secure polypropylene detection: Loepfe has been at the forefront of mastering the triboelectric effect for years, and PRISMA is the latest testament to this expertise. PRISMA DMFP is equipped with the latest P sensors from the 4th generation and a dedicated P-Matrix, ensuring accurate settings and reliable results. PRISMA is the solution to ensure reliable detection of white and transparent polypropylene in yarn production.

Effortless operation: PRISMA offers Autoclearing - the perfect solution for ease of use in yarn clearing. Time and resources are saved while efficiency and quality remain stable at the highest level. PRISMA Autoclearing offers the cleverest and most effortless yarn clearing experience on the market - including the features Autostart for setting new articles and saving up to 1 hour of setting time and Autocorrect for easy further optimizing of running articles based on their current quality data.

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Cotton yarn manufacturers demand the utmost level of contamination control and efficient yarn clearing to reach exceptional quality and maximize profitability.

Best yarn clearers for cotton

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Manufacturers of mélange and colored yarns depend on the secure detection of even the smallest shade variations and color deviations of the yarns.

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Synthetic yarn manufacturers rely on the secure detection of process-related yarn faults, hairiness and imperfections fully independent of humidity.

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Manufacturers of blended yarns face a variety of challenges and rely on proven solutions for successful production.

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