Best yarn clearers for synthetic yarn manufacturers

Synthetic yarn manufacturers rely on the secure detection of process-related yarn faults, hairiness, imperfections and yarn count fully independent of humidity. Foreign matter detection is usually not necessary in polyester spinning, however different fiber qualities used in polyester spinning and winding also vary, due to the different amounts of matting agents used in their production leading to different glossiness. To meet these requirements, Loepfe recommends using the yarn clearers YarnMaster® ZENIT+ D or ZENIT+ DF.

Essential for successful synthetic yarn manufacturing

Reliable NSLT fault detection

Monitoring of glossiness differences

Secure hairiness detection

Unaffected by humidity

Precise off-standard alarms

Secure count monitoring

Yarn clearer recommendations

YM ZENI Tplus sensor D 02

YarnMaster® ZENIT+ D

YM ZENI Tplus sensor DF 02

YarnMaster® ZENIT+ DF

Reliable NSLT fault detection: Loepfe's proficient optical yarn clearer ensures reliable results under any production condition. With steady output, spinning mills become dependable partners in the production chain. The system reliably detects spinning process-related faults (NSLT) and provides detailed classification reports.

Secure hairiness detection & unaffected by humidity: The Loepfe optical infrared sensor offers a notable advantage: it remains unaffected by humidity, climatic changes, or the material being inspected. As the established leader in hairiness detection, the optical infrared sensor is highly reliable.

Precise off-standard alarms: Effective and precise detection of OffStandard bobbins is an important function for spinning mills. It saves time and money and ensures the yarn quality level.

Monitoring of glossiness differences: The OffColor (Option) feature is able to detect and eliminate very small color and shade variations and is successfully used in synthetic yarn production for glossiness differenceselimination.

Secure count monitoring: Accurate count monitoring with the proficient optical sensor. The unique Loepfe technology allows for precise monitoring of yarn diameter, enabling effective control of count deviations.

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Synthetic yarn manufacturers rely on the secure detection of process-related yarn faults, hairiness and imperfections fully independent of humidity.

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