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Fabric car seats are most likely made from nylon or polyester. This are of the most common car seat materials used for car upholsterers due to its comfortability, durability and it's materialistic values. As seat covers must have high abrasion resistance, high tear resistance and UV degradation resistance to ensure long-term use and high resale values. In addition, the requirements for comfort and appearance play also a very important role.

In recent years, the transportation sector has taken the first place in technical textiles market in terms of production rates. Since the automobile seats are the materials which the users always in contact with, seat covers became one of the most important factors for users' comfort.

Thus, knots in the fabrics are quality defects that the car manufacturers do not accept and could lead to contractual penalties for the fabric producers.

Therefore, fabric suppliers for car seats rely on a reliable partner in quality control and include in their manufacturing process, the Loepfe WeftMaster KW and SW Digi to avoid knots while keeping production efficiency high.

How to benefit from WeftMaster® KW
How to benefit from WeftMaster® SW

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