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Carpet backing

Carpets are used in a variety of ways, for example in hotel lobbies, in meeting rooms, in airplanes and in everyday life in our living rooms.

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Increase fabric quality

A high level of strength and dimensional stability is expected from high-quality carpet backing fabrics. This is important for the further production process in carpet manufacturing and also for the consumer’s requirements for a carpet.

In order to achieve a stable base fabric, constant thread tensions are a prerequisite for weaving. The WeftMaster SFB-L thread brake guarantees a constant and even weft thread tension over the entire width of the fabric. Controlled braking is guaranteed even with polypropylene straps.

Increase weaving efficiency

By using the WeftMaster SFB electronic weft thread brake, the number of weft breaks can be substantially reduced. Its use pays off for the weaving mills within a very short time and significantly improves the quality of the fabric.

Versatile use

The WeftMaster SFB weft brake is used for the production of:

  • Tarpaulin fabrics for trucks, advertisements, agriculture and architecture
  • Filter fabric, e.g. for water filtration or also paper production
  • Geotextiles
  • Screen prints
  • Canvas
  • Conveyor belts, straps
  • Blood filters
  • Microphone filters for mobile phones
  • Speaker filters for mobile phones
  • Carbon fiber fabrics for auto parts
  • Carpet backing
  • Bigbags
  • Potato bag fabrics
  • Silk fabrics for underwear
  • Wool fabrics for suits

The requirements of the different fabrics are highly varied and weaving mills often depend on individual solutions. With this awareness, Loepfe offers its customers suitable solutions for all types of projectile and rapier weaving machines. Furthermore, weaving mills can always count on the straight-forward and quick assistance of Loepfe experts.

How to benefit from WeftMaster® SFB

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