Projectile yellow


Number of weaving machines100 P7100 ES, 10 TW-11 ES
Speed/number of picks per minute
Production of 100'000 picks in
4 hours / machine
Production of 600'000 picks in
24 hours / machine
Number of weft breaks
4 - 6 per 100'000 picks
Number of weft breaks
30 per machine / 24 hours
Total number of weft breaks
3000 per 100 machines / 24
Total time consumption / repair of weft breaks
3000 x 4 min. = 12000 min. = 200 hours

By using the electronic weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L, the number of weft breaks can be reduced with at least 50%, which means:


Reduction of weft breaksinstead of 6, only 2 - 3 per 100'000 picks
Total reduction of weft breaks
Ø 6000 min. / 24 h / 100 machines
Reduction of weft break repair time
Ø 100 hours on average
Resulting in an increase in efficiency of
Ø 3% on average

Using the weft thread brake WeftMaster SFB-L pays off quickly and clearly ameliorates the quality of the fabric. Each weft break is a potential fault source (among others starting defects, formation of stripes etc.).

How to benefit from WeftMaster® SFB

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