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Smartphones - Our constant companions

Life without smartphones – simply unimaginable! Wherever we go, they are with us.

The devices contain a large number of sophisticated and diverse technologies. However, a high-quality smartphone depends not only on the technologies and materials used, but also on its careful manufacturing. For instance, the Loepfe WeftMaster SW is used in the creation of smartphone microphones and speakers. This is how Loepfe contributes and ensures that we can always hear and talk to each other - something that has become even more important in today’s challenging times.

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The Loepfe products WeftMaster SW and SFB are used in the production of microphones and speakers for smartphones. The WeftMaster SW, weft stop motion, plays a key role. Smartphone manufacturers have come to rely on Loepfe technology because of the unique sensor technology offered by WeftMaster solutions.

Smartphone microphones and speakers are made with threads that are only around 7μm thick – this is seven times thinner than a human hair. So, is WeftMaster SW really capable of controlling the very thinnest threads?


The WeftMaster SW sensor monitors the movement of the weft yarn up to the fabric selvedge, continuously detecting whether the thread is present or missing. It immediately detects any yarn breaks or yarn stoppages - even when the thread being used is only 7μm thick.

The movement of the weft thread is monitored right up to the fabric selvedge and if a fault is detected, a signal is sent to the weaving machine causing an immediate stop. In this way, the fault can be corrected straight away, before a faulty fabric is produced.

Reliable monitoring of the weft insertion is performed on the overall fabric width and even for different weft yarns. The weft yarn moves over the sensing head with a minimum of additional tension. This is a unique performance based on many years of Loepfe know-how.

This is how Loepfe ensures that we can always hear and talk to each other with the benefit of optimal sound quality. In these extraordinary and challenging times, this factor has become even more important than ever.

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