Extrusion machines long title

In a BCF yarn extrusion line, synthetic granulate is melted and mixed at a certain temperature and pressure, then extruded to filaments which are created by spinnerets with a certain amount of holes, depending on the final yarn count. After the melt is pumped through the spinpacks, the formed filaments are being cooled whilst falling down towards the drawframe. In the drawframe the filaments are stretched in order to give strength to the yarn, and bulk is given to the yarn by our air texturizing unit. The yarn is then fixed on a cooling drum before being wound on bobbins

Key advantages of Van de Wiele extrusion

  • (PET)
  • Recycled polymers can be used as well
  • High bulk is given to the yarn due to the texturing in combination with the multiwrap cooling drum

Multi-wrap Texturing Unit

Working Principle
Higher crimp due to:

  • long residence time on the cooling drum
  • separate fan for each texturing unit

Crimp level control in a wider range
Long-term crimp consistency because texturing jets show no to little wear even after extended use


A new and innovative way to intermingle BCF yarns.


  • Smart design as compressed air is used for intermingling as well as cooling the motor and bearing package
  • Compact size: integration of rotor and motor into the same housing
  • High flexibility: quick exchange of inserts without additional tools as to reduce downtime
  • Retrofittable into existing equipment

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