Winding components

Profitable yarn quality control for winding and rotor spinning machines.

  • Clever yarn clearing

  • Proficient yarn clearing

  • Real-time data management

YarnMaster® PRISMA - Clever yarn clearing

Clever yarn clearing

Best yarn clearer for cotton, core yarns and conductive materials

  • Quality yarns at maximum machine efficiency
  • Reduced costs, waste, splice cycles and energy consumption
  • Security and peace of mind through effortless operation
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Proficient yarn clearing

Best yarn clearer for colored yarns, synthetics and blends

  • Proven contamination control
  • Reliable results unaffected by humidity and material
  • Accurate optical hairiness monitoring
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MillMaster® TOP

Real-time data management in winding

Fully optimized yarn production for enhanced profitability

  • Detailed overview of the quality processes
  • Locating and resolving error sources
  • Optimized yarn production
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