WeftMaster® SFB

Thread brake

The WeftMaster SFB is the perfect solution for controlling optimum weft thread tension for all types of yarns. The device minimizes weft thread breaks and optimizes braking start allowing increased loom speed and achieving higher machine performance and better fabric quality. All brakes also feature reduced yarn abrasion and high wear resistance.

WeftMaster® SFB
  • Constant tension

    Ensures constant and optimum weft thread tension. Application example: Tarpaulin fabrics

  • Higher performance

    Higher machine performance and better fabric quality. Application example: Geotextiles

  • Avoid yarn abrasion

    Brakes the weft threads gently and avoid yarn abrasion. Application example: Smartphone speakers

Model recommendation

SFB flat

Flat spring brake for fine yarns

  • preferably for use with filling threads with low tensile strength
  • the resilient pressing system with gentle thread handling requires absolutely no initial tension of the filling thread, i.e. the output tension can be reduced to the absolute minimum on the accumulator
  • the electromechanical system of the deflection brake head, which has delivered an optimal performance in practice in the weaving mill, has been retained
  • all brake heads are exchangeable and can also be used in mixed operation on the multicolor weaving machines
  • the control of the optimally delayed braking begin takes place by means of the patented projectile sensor with millisecond precision as with the delayed brakes.
SFB def

Deflection brake for coarse yarns

  • guaranteed optimum late braking start due to electronic control by the projectile sensor which results in minimum, uniform weft thread tension.
  • gentle braking of the weft threads with the LOEPFE brake assembly, thus fewer weft breaks.
  • no change in brake performance due to yarn abrasion, due to the self-cleaning deviation principle
  • all brake parts in contact with the thread are made of wear-resistant ceramic
  • sturdy construction of the brake assembly with only one flexible part
  • retrofittable to all projectile weaving machines
Detailed model recommendation

Today, it’s all about productivity and maximizing return on investment

The WeftMaster SFB is a high-performance weft brake that reduces weft thread breaks by 50%. It is gentle on the threads and controls all yarn types, making it the perfect choice for technical textiles. The WeftMaster SFB also provides a self-cleaning principle to avoid yarn abrasion and is suitable for all weaving machine types.

When it comes to yarns with low tensile strength, weft tension is a decisive parameter. Too much stretching can lead to uneven fabric or to weft thread breaks, causing expensive machine stoppages. A constant and even weft thread tension is always essential for best quality fabrics.

The WeftMaster SFB helps weaving mills in the technical textile business to increase production while, effectively, prolonging the life of their original equipment.

Don't settle for less than the best - choose WeftMaster SFB for superior results.

How to benefit

WeftMaster SFB - weft thread brake. Minimum weft thread tension owed to optimum brake timing for or projectile and rapier weaving machines.

Discover how to benefit
WeftMaster® SFB L and SFW L

Unlimited field of application

The WeftMaster SFB weft brake is in use for the production of tarpaulin fabrics for trucks, advertisements, agriculture, and architecture. It is also used in the production of filter fabric, for example in water filtration and paper production. It is used in geotextiles, screen prints, canvas, conveyor belts, straps, blood filters, microphone filters for mobile phones, speaker filters for mobile phones, carbon fibre fabrics for auto parts, carpet backing, bigbags, potato bag fabrics, silk fabrics for underwear, and wool fabrics for suits.

The requirements of the different fabrics are highly varied and weaving mills often depend on individual solutions. In this awareness, Loepfe offers its customers suitable solutions for all types of projectile and rapier weaving machines. Furthermore, weaving mills can always count on the straight-forward and quick assistance of Loepfe experts.

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Rec SW 02

WeftMaster® SW

Detects any yarn break or yarn stoppage of the weft yarn

  • Instant detection of a weft fault
  • Fast response for high machine efficiency
  • Works with all types of yarn