WeftMaster® KW

Knot detector

The knot detector detects all knots in running yarn, before they get into the fabric. This enables higher machine efficiency and less fabric wastage. If a defined number of knots is reached, the necessary action can be quickly taken in order to remove the faulty and ensure a smooth production.

WeftMaster® KW
  • High machine efficiency

    Fast reaction for high machine efficiency. Application example: Sailcloth

  • All kinds of yarn

    Processes all kinds of yarns up to a diameter of 3mm. Application example: Car seats

  • Easy operation

    Easy operation and easy change of settings. Application example: Feeding bags

Detects knots in running yarns

The range of possibilities is extensive, such as using a counter to keep track of detected knots.

In case a predefined maximum number of knots is reached, the system can stop the prewinder and remove the defective yarn, ensuring optimal production quality.

How to benefit

WeftMaster® KW application examples in the automotive and packaging industry.

Discover how to benefit
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Guarantee zero-defect manufacturing

Fabric suppliers expect a fabric without quality-reducing knots. With WeftMaster KW with digital signal output in the manufacturing process, all knots in running yarn are detected, before they get into the fabric.

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Rec FALCON i 02

WeftMaster® FALCON-i

Detects smallest yarn defects during fabric manufacturing process

  • Prevents smallest yarn defects in fabrics
  • Applicable independently from machine
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
Rec FWL 02

WeftMaster® FWL

Stop motion detection for tapes, threads and yarns

  • Movement detection
  • Fast reaction