Clever Yarn Clearing

profitable, efficient, easy

Clever yarn clearing for winding is profitable, efficient, and easy. PRISMA is the solution for spinning mills that need high quality yarns at maximum machine efficiency. With the market's most advanced yarn monitoring system, spinning mills can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enjoy ease of use.

PRISMA's unique advantages

PRISMA is a dynamic system that is constantly evolving to market needs. Thanks to regular software updates, users benefit constantly from various advantages. All new functionalities are designed with the needs of spinners in mind, contributing to a significant increase in yarn quality, reduction in yarn waste, and boosting winding machine and production efficiency.

In addition to its technological superiority, PRISMA offers the cleverest and most effortless yarn clearing experience on the market. Time and resources are saved while efficiency and quality remain stable at the highest level. PRISMA’s clever yarn clearing is the ultimate solution for spinning mills, providing support and security, optimum user experience, and time and cost savings. 

How to boost profitability, efficiency and yarn quality


YarnMaster PRISMA organic

YarnMaster PRISMA core yarn


The PRISMA system

Unique four sensor technology and clever PRISMA software, combined with the data management system MillMaster TOP, create the ultimate system for unparalleled performance in yarn quality control and process optimization.

The data management system MillMaster TOP 2.0 is an integrated part of the functional scope of the YarnMaster PRISMA and complements every Loepfe yarn clearer installation. 

Loepfe's data management system provides the most precise and comprehensive overview of the quality processes. With its detailed reports potential errors in the yarn production process, from raw material to preparation and spinning, are easily identified and located. This allows taking targeted actions to optimize production, avoid costly maintenance and ensure consistent yarn quality. MillMaster TOP means improved efficiency, reliability and cost savings!

The PRISMA sensing head


Real-time data monitoring for winding

  • Production planning
  • Trend analysis
  • Mobility